Once You Get There

How to Get to the Nebraska Star Party

For driving directions to Merritt Reservoir, see our Driving Directions page. Once you get to the Reservoir, use the photos and directions on this page to go from the Observing Site/Campground area to Merritt Resort, and then north to the city of Valentine.

North on Highway 97 From Mullen

Driving north from Mullen: at the south end of Merritt Reservoir, you’ll reach this intersection:

To go directly to the Snake Campground area and Observing Field, turn left where you see the NSP sign.  To go to Merritt Resort Trading Post, proceed North 5.5 miles.  The city of Valentine is approximately 27 miles north of this intersection on Highway 97.

South on Highway 97 from Valentine

Take Highway 97 south from Valentine, approximately 23 miles. Merritt Resort, at the north end of the reservoir, lies a few hundred yards beyond these signs:

To continue on to the Snake Campground and Observing Field from Merritt Resort, follow Highway 97 south 5.5 miles until you reach this intersection:

Turn right to go to the observing field (approximately 3 miles).

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